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UCHI Architecture is an RIBA Chartered Practice based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. We design houses and interiors for discerning clients with interesting requirements. We provide a full range of architectural services from inception to handover and we are passionate about creating and improving your home.


UCHI Architecture does not have a ‘house style’ instead we believe that good architecture is a language and should be right for your requirements as the client and for your particular home and its context.


We are confident that architecture as language transcends style and instead leads to a timeless aesthetic.

Space and light are the masters of architectural fashion.


We admire the simplicity and neutral palette of Nordic design but equally enjoy the materiality and richness of the Arts and Crafts.


Our work process is informed by the RIBA Work Stages, which are a circular way of working that aim to simplify and explain the holistic design process.


One of our unique selling points is that we undertake all projects in a full-size 3d CAD model using cutting-edge hardware and software. This informs all of our design process but also enables you the client (as well as planning officers and builders) to see the proposals in 3D. This includes kitchens, and furniture, as well as geo-located sun-path analysis.


The UCHI mark is an ancient Nordic symbol denoting creative energy, particularly the motivational energy needed to start a project. Also interpreted as: ‘where there's a will, there's a way…’




Exploring the art of the possible


Urban & Country Homes & Interiors 

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