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Architectural work is typically divided into a sequence of different ‘Stages’ which can be commissioned as a whole or separately. The RIBA’s ‘Plan of Work 2013’ sets out the key stages of a construction project from conception to completion using eight stages (0 to 7).

While the stages generally occur sequentially, on some projects aspects of the design might be developed earlier than others, or project constraints may make it necessary to overlap certain stages. / plan of work

  • RIBA Work Stage 0 - Pre Application Discussions, Initial Considerations, Strategic Brief"
    • Definition of project: Investigating the art of the possible. • Budget discussion and budget setting.
  • RIBA Work Stage 1 - Measured Survey
    • Undertake full measured and photographic survey, and co-ordinate any other surveys, if required. This is normally undertaken by ourselves, for large or complex projects this may need to be out-sourced. If this is required we will co-ordinate alternative quotes). • Prepare drawings of existing plans and elevations in CAD
  • RIBA Work Stage 2 - Concept Design (20% of fee)
    • Prepare 3d CAD model of existing based on the above • Prepare sketch drawings for discussion, showing alternative proposals. • Develop a written brief • Meet with clients to discuss options. • Develop favoured option in 3D CAD model
  • RIBA Work Stage 3 - Developed design, Planning Application (25% of fee)"
    • Advise on the selection of structural engineer • Advise on the client’s requirements in respect of the party wall act and selection pf party wall surveyor (if required) • Advise on methods of procurement and the selection of a contractor • Conduct meetings with you, the client to discuss and agree refinement to developed design • Provide information to structural engineer to co-ordinate design • Sign off developed design drawings. Any layout changes made by the client after this stage would be charged at an hourly rate. • Submit pre-planning application (if required) • Submit Planning Application, comprising: site location plan; block plan; plans and elevations of existing; plans and elevations as proposed; design and access statement; prepare appropriate forms and notices; submit on-line. (please note: we cannot reasonably anticipate any additional information that may be requested by the local Planning Authority; or any conditions, any additional information or discharge of conditions will be charged on a timecharge basis).
  • RIBA Work Stage 4 - Technical Design (40% of fee)
    • Conduct meetings with you, client to further agree types of finishes, materials, fittings etc. • Co-ordinate information from structural engineer • Provide information to party wall surveyor to comprise party wall award and/or notices (if required) • Prepare a specification for the works • Prepare a scope of works document • Prepare detailed drawings, including: demolition drawings; drainage schematic; general arrangement plans and elevations; finishes drawings; services drawings including lighting; details as appropriate • Prepare package of information for building regulations (either full plans application or building notice, which ever is most appropriate) • Issue information for tender(s) to be obtained • Review information from tender(s) and report • Co-ordinate with contractor in preparation of budget cost checks.
  • RIBA Work Stages 5, 6, 7 Construction: (15% of fee)"
    • Co-ordinate with the contractor agreeing contract dates • Explain to you, the client, your responsibilities in respect of the building contract • Issue and administer the terms of the building contract to practical completion • Visit the site to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with contract • Handover and conclusion of building contract • Post occupancy evaluation
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